Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Muswellbrook Upper Hunter show 23rd & 24th March 2012

 Stella from Resipro - Investment properties
WE ARE THE BUILDERS!  http://resipro.com.au
 Rebecca from Relay for life 

We were invited to the Upper Hunter show through a competition won at the Sydney Easter Show this past weekend and held at the Muswellbrook show ground.  The car loaded with kids and Gametag we set
off at 4.30am arriving around 9am to set up and meet our neighbours Stella, Rebecca and Andre from http://klevasharp.com.au  we had a ball it was so much fun.

Bec Summer
Sophie Elvin 
Soon after setting up the show girls came around, I was thrilled at their interest in Gametag and my story we talked and talked about the difficulties of getting a new product out into the market and having retailers sell it. It really was exciting to have so much interest. 

Eliza-Jane Gill

1st Sarah Stafford, 2nd Kailah Worth, 3rd Eliza Gill

 Congratulations to all the girls.