Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Yes more Gametag feedback ........ Thank you to all those who have and continue to support me your, feedback is a thrill!

   Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

Repeat customer still have our original Gametag from 2years ago Excellent gadget via ebay swishy44 31/7/13

Second purchase. Excellent seller. Prompt delivery. Excellent product. Via ebay eastvillageco 28/7/13

OMG this has to be the best thing ever!!! It really is fantastic. Kids love it! Via ebay Parlou 26/7/13

Great product!  Via our website Lynne R. 21/7/13

Really pleased, would recommend to parents of young DS owners!! A+++++++++
Brilliant!! Easily installed - kids love it as games always with the DS!! A++++
10/7/13 via ebay 3484wendy
I bought these for my grand-sugars last Christmas. Great product! ;) Eileen Brown via facebook 2/7/13
Fantastic invention, and these items received superfast, thanks so much. via Ebay cat1964josh 18/5/13

Hi, we bought two of your Gametags at the Camden Show (best thing ever).
cat1964josh via ebay 16/5/13

We are loving this! Thank you so much! Eilleen E via our website

THANK YOU so much for the Gametag! It has got to be the most useful thing I have ever gotten my son! Just a question, when I bought the gametag off you at the Canberra Show, you gave me a tip using a black ribbon...but unfortunately I can't remember what the tip was. If you have the time, can you please remind me what it was? Eillen Eugenio via facebook 28/4/13

Exceptional product! HIGHLY recommend!! via ebay leighpackham 26/4/13

Awesome little gadget I shall never loose another game ever again.....I found 7 lying around in rooms they don't belong in thank you jenane Mona Ghossein via facebook 7/4/13

Best Inventions Ever!! Selena Rieckmann via our website 1/4/13

LOVE MY GAMETAG!!! Bought it off you at the Show on Sat, for my lo with autism, its brilliant!!! Tammy Thomson via Facebook 1/4/13

Woohoo how lucky was I when I found you yesterday after hearing about gametag over a year ago and you are such a beautiful lady.Good luck, you deserve it all! Stella Kalogirou via facebook 31/3/13

Brilliant idea!! Dora Karagiannis via Facebook 30/3/13

It was lovely to meet you again at the Easter Show & tell you personally how great your product is. I bought a Gametag for my son two years ago & it is fantastic. It has been dragged to everywhere & back & is as good as new. Since we've had it, he has not lost a game,so it has paid for itself over & over again. We bought another online for his mates birthday.
If you've got kids with a DS, you REALLY need a Gametag! Liz Kemmler via Facebook 30/3/13

Had these for over a year now! What a worthwhile investment especially when you have little ones! No more lost games...
Do not hesitate buy one today! Thanks guys for sharing such a great idea.... Peita Papp via Facebook 23/3/13

I purchased a game tag today at the Easter show and I have to say "what an amazing idea" I no longer need to to stop the car to worry about changing my sons ds game and I don't have to worry about him losing them.
Thank you once again great idea :-) Kara Prince via facebook 21/3/13

Hope all goes well and u sell alot cause we think it's a good thing and the kids r not saying can't find my game. Cassie Rumming via Facebook 15/3/13

smart idea lady good on you keep up the good work. Josh James Elton via Facebook 6/2/13

Thank you so much for the gametags for my boys. They are brilliant and the boys think it's so cool to have their games attached to their consoles all the time. I love that they will now not lose them all the time! :) Such a great idea! Lisa King Via our facebook page 5/2/13

I bought 2 off you for my girls today and have set them up and they love them!! They will get more, "yes you can" answers when it comes to the “can we bring our DS” question as everything is one place. Awesome little invention will definitely spread the word. Rachael Jones Via our facebook page 30/1/13

My kids got these for Christmas and we took them away over the Christmas. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Everywhere we went we had 1 thing to worry about not 30 tiny things.
If you have kids with games don't even think twice just get the Gametag and stop stressing about the games.
Best ever invention!!! and Aussie tooooooooo!
Louise Bennett via our facebook page 29/1/13

Monday, 29 July 2013

GAMTEAG will be at the EKKA from 8th to 17th August 2013

Gametag's stand is number 9 on this map
No. 9 is Gametags offer so come and check us out.

We will be in building no. 7 stand BNS003 which is part of the Emporium.  Check out the Adventure trail bag which you can order online to receive your free Gametag sample along with a whole lot of other fantastic offers and deals. We are located on the Adventure Trail map at number 9. Our exclusive offer to Adventure Trail customers is to purchase 2 full Gametags for the unbelievable price of $10.  But remember this is only available to Adventure Trail customers and while the show is on.

Ropes Crossing Markets run by St Marys and Mt Druitt Rotary Clubs 28th July 2013 - Fireman Sam came to visit

Ropes Crossing Markets run by St Marys and 
Mt Druitt Rotary Clubs 28th July 2013

Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

We had the most amazing weather for the market beautiful sunshine lots of stalls and customers not to mention Fireman Sam who came to visit and was a huge hit with the kids.  The pathways were blocked with kids, mums, dads and prams all getting up close to fireman Sam.

I was right next door to Ivy and Home who specialize in decorating your house with unusual pieces of ceramic, metal and wood.  Her style is very beachy and summery with beautiful shades of white and turquoise.

Ivy and Home
The market is held at the Hub in Ropes Crossing estate lots of families and new builds the community has a real sense of an old fashioned neighbourhood lots of parks and people out and about with the kids.

You can follow the market on their facebook page St Marys and Mt Druitt Rotary Clubs Markets at Ropes Crossing 

Gametag at Ropes Crossing 28th July 2013