Sunday, 16 February 2014

Great Gametag Feedback - You can only trust your Nintendo DS games to GAMETAG!

Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

Feedback left via our facebook page from Andrew:

"I was wondering what that rattle was while I was cruising down the freeway. If anyone has doubts, they stay on in 110km winds while hitting my car"

Thank you Andrew Awesome feedback.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

How many DS games do your kids have? How do you store them?

                                              Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

Gametag comes with 8 tags for 8 games to start you off. My 16year old son has about 15 games on his Gametag I don't think it would be comfortable to have too many more than that.

So you could rotate your games by starting off with your favourite 8 or 15 games and as you get bored with a game unclip it (leaving the tag on so it is ready to play again) put it away someplace safe and put another game on your Gametag to take the place of the one you just removed.

You can rotate your games as often as you like or you can just keep the main games that are your favourites on the Gametag attached to your DS. If you want to carry all of them you may need more than one Gametag - 1 that is always attached to your DS and the other Gametag cliped to your backpack with 3 or 4 or even more rings on it and all your games attached. Just like the one in this photo with a bulldog clip so it can be securely fastened to your bag.


Monday, 21 October 2013

$5.50 Gametag Early Bird Christmas Special - plus postage

     Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

Sometime over the past three years you may have read about Gametag and how I came to invent it.  The support from everyone has been fantastic and with the economy not doing us any favours I have decided to have a sale.  

                          Did you know it’s only nine weeks to Christmas!    Scary!

Gametag makes a great gift for any occasion, everyone has a DS and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first gaming choice all the time or the console you pull out once a year when friends are over on school holidays. You know the times when the latest gadget has suddenly become boring, everyone wants to play the old favourites.  The old favourites rule!........ but not if you have lost most of your games.   Oooooh so close to some old fashioned fun but not without the games, Gametag steps in to solve the problem!

Do a list, workout who has a DS then get a couple extra! It doesn’t matter whether they are regularly playing it or just have it stashed away somewhere safe and play once in a while, pop a Gametag into their stocking at $5.50 plus regular postage it’s a winner,  Hurry limited time only!  The true value of a Gametag is only apparent after you start using one and with all their favourite games right there you know it will be a hit over the Christmas holidays.

You can order Gametag through our Ebay shop or our Website. Your order will posted the following working day.

If you could forward my email to family and friends, post it on your Facebook wall and join me on the Gametag page that would be great and very much appreciated.  Why not post a photo of your DS-Gametag child (of any age LOL) on our page.

Thank you for your support stay safe this coming holiday and New Year time.

Best wishes Janene.

Kids and their DS - DS Kids

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The King's School Spring Festival and Art show and vintage English cars and Stalls and High Tea and, and, and, and,

Gametag at the Kings School Spring Fair
      Gametag is a DS game case and holder. 

The weather was amazing for both days we were set up in no time as usual and right on the corner of the stage and ride area being to the left and the market section with the entry to the art gallery to our right.   There were lots of stalls selling a great range of hand made things like jams, soaps and candles.

The view from our Gametag stand into the market at the Kings School
The view from our Gametag stand into the stage area at the Kings School

The art works was simply amazing they had several figures made out of silicone that were so life like they included veins and colour variations in the flesh check them out.

This face was large and unbelievable detail right down to whiskers
Gametag at The Kings School Spring Market

Another one of the silicone figures, this was small about 30cm but never the less amazing
Gametag at The Kings School Spring Fair

Yes silicone and beautiful about 30cm tall
Gametag at The Kings School Spring Fair

Yes you guessed it Silicone and adoreable
Gametag at The Kings Spring Fair
I even caught up with an old friend from Kindergarten thanks Yvonne for always brightening my day

The fair is a great day out with the vintage English cars, Stalls, High Tea, Art for all budgets, carnival rides, show bags and of course the school grounds as just so beautiful it is just like being at Hogwarts.



Monday, 26 August 2013

Gametag at the Ekka in Brisbane 8th to 17th August 2013

       Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

The show at the Ekka was fantastic my stand was in the Ekka Emporium our neighbours were fantastic to our right was Wild Hoodz  who sell their own brand of luxury, lush fur print hoods with paw gloves. Both Matt and Christine were amazing neighbours knowing they were there I could just duck out for a quick "pit stop" Christine even sold a few Gametags Thanks Christine.

 Gametag neighbours at the 2013 Ekka Christine from Wild Hoodz

Gametag and Wild Hoodz Christne and Janene
On my left was the International Creative Nail Art. I lost my voice on third day when two of my customers suggested Aloe Vera juice so Chong went and bought his wife and me a bottle from the first capful I felt relief for my throat by the end of the show we were all on the Aloe Vera.  Thank you Chong. I still have the nail artwork on my thumb and it's been almost 4 week since Irene put it on.

Gametag sporting a flashy thumb nail compliments of International Creative Nail Art

My Gametaging finger with a beautiful flora print by Irene 

Johnno from Electro Arcade who was such fun
The stall opposite was a huge hit with men between the ages of about twenty and ooooh fifty it was the Electo Arcade.  Yes the stand was filled with arcade games and most days it was standing room only as everyone waited patiently to get on a machine.  I think the DS will go the same way it is just a very loved toy from everyone's childhood. Some of the machine are around $2500 and from what I saw people where only too happy to pay for one and relive their childhood.   Do you think people will be paying big dollars for the DS in the years to come as they too want to relive their childhood?

Gametag participated in the The Ekka Adventure Trail which was one of the best marketing decisions I have made.  Gametag is a hard thing to sell "would you believe" because it constantly needs explanation, on the adventure trail participants come to our stall to receive a sample so I was able to demonstrate Gametag and take the time with each party for them to thoroughly examine Gametag it was such a pleasurable experience and the interest in both Gametag and my story was amazing.  Ekka Adventure Trail customers were offered extra savings on our products that were not offered to other show goers.  My neighbour next door International Creative Nail Art also participated we were both kept flat out!

Gametag had an additional offer for the Ekka Adventure Trail Customers

Gametag was number 9 on the Adventure Trail
An old friend of Gametags's Lil Princess and their beautiful skirts where just around the corner

The best thing about doing stalls regularly is you make friends with other stall holders and there is a real sense of comradeship between stall holders they all look after one another and being next to a friend whether it is an old or a brand new friend can really make the show and Lil Princess has been part of my life for two years and it's always a pleasure being near them. 

The King and I........I mean Gametag!

Yes and another shot of the King and I
And again the King and I at the Rock n Roll cafe!

The Show Girls came to visit me at the Gametag Stand

The woollen craft was amazing
The prize winning meats

The Devil's Taxie .... a bit huge!

The fruit and Vegetables

The floral displays

this is cut out paper so so beautiful and so detailed

the cakes

another beautiful woollen piece

a Faberge style Egg

Vintage Cars

The lego display just amazing.. The size of this ship.
Vintage cars
The carnival

Side show Alley
It was just an amazing show, too much fun. Beautiful people and neighbours. I loved being part of the Ekka Adventure trail and being in the Ekka Emporium.  See you next year Queensland.