Monday, 21 October 2013

$5.50 Gametag Early Bird Christmas Special - plus postage

     Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

Sometime over the past three years you may have read about Gametag and how I came to invent it.  The support from everyone has been fantastic and with the economy not doing us any favours I have decided to have a sale.  

                          Did you know it’s only nine weeks to Christmas!    Scary!

Gametag makes a great gift for any occasion, everyone has a DS and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first gaming choice all the time or the console you pull out once a year when friends are over on school holidays. You know the times when the latest gadget has suddenly become boring, everyone wants to play the old favourites.  The old favourites rule!........ but not if you have lost most of your games.   Oooooh so close to some old fashioned fun but not without the games, Gametag steps in to solve the problem!

Do a list, workout who has a DS then get a couple extra! It doesn’t matter whether they are regularly playing it or just have it stashed away somewhere safe and play once in a while, pop a Gametag into their stocking at $5.50 plus regular postage it’s a winner,  Hurry limited time only!  The true value of a Gametag is only apparent after you start using one and with all their favourite games right there you know it will be a hit over the Christmas holidays.

You can order Gametag through our Ebay shop or our Website. Your order will posted the following working day.

If you could forward my email to family and friends, post it on your Facebook wall and join me on the Gametag page that would be great and very much appreciated.  Why not post a photo of your DS-Gametag child (of any age LOL) on our page.

Thank you for your support stay safe this coming holiday and New Year time.

Best wishes Janene.

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