Sunday, 23 September 2012

Palm Beach Market

Sunday was spent at Palm Beach market quite a hike for mum and I from Bankstown, about an hour and a half.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about especially in Palm Beach we took a windy road by accident and went along the ocean side between the most beautiful houses, some seem to be clinging to the rock face most had very steep driveways.

Some beautiful houses just hanging of the rock face
A busy market with lots of stalls
I was right next to Amanda from Mabel Avenue selling custom made 100% leather handbags (linings were in the most beautiful fabrics)  all the designs are her own and the colours were amazing she has a great range coming soon in the most amazing blue so keep an eye on here website. on the other side was  Poise Fashion by Kit Holland ladies easy beach fashion again the colours and styles were so breezy and light both my neighbours were just wonderful thanks for a great day ladies.

some of Amanda's beautiful bags 

I had my photo at Summer bay just could not resist  Thanks Ben for taking it.
Gametag went to Summer Bay 

Giggle Reversible childrens clothes
I ran into Ben from Nanette Imports and Vicki from Giggle Designs Vicki's creations are the most amazing and sought after designs and  both Ben and Vicke are very dear friends that I have made while being out and about at markets.

Organic Food Markets - Rouse Hill

Saturday was spent at the Organic Food Markets, a new market that has been running for about three weeks held in the front of the shopping centre on White Hart Drive, Rouse Hill.  The market runs from 9am to 1 pm lots of stalls and great produce including Nature's Gold Honey  and farmers from Batlow with apples of course Pink Ladies and Gala so crunchy and fresh.  They grown all their own produce, as usual I walked away with this weeks vegies spinach $2.50 for two bunches big crisp leaves and broccoli so beautiful.

Batlow farmers fiwth their fantastic produce

A great selection of stalls with really friendly staff

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Free Downloads

One of the stories on The Project tonight was about the bills families are receiving from the "free" apps offered on smart devices the story highlighted that some bills have hit $1500 as the free game runs out and you then have to pay to continue playing. I have heard this a lot lately while being out and about.

Then this story  and I am sure there are many others where people have been caught out

You don't rack up big gaming download bills with a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP and the graphics are "way better". You only pay once on their games and in the case of DS, the consoles are fairly heavy duty for kids unlike the broken screens of smart products.

Games can be resold, if you keep them long enough you could get your money back or even make a profit especially if they are limited editions. With Gametag you won't lose your game cartridges.

How interesting these stories are on the "smart devices" and their free downloads. My kids love their DS and PSP we don't have this issue.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Farmer Gametag

Today I planted most of my little seedings in egg cartons just as I saw on the pages of Pinterst.

 Most of the seeds come from the Better Homes and Garden show where companies gave out little seed packs similar to the old matchstick flip packs except seeds are attached to the tips where the flame would be.

I planted some natives, carrots, spinach, Pak Choi, Beans, Cucumber and Zucchini. A whole salad's worth and when they sprout you just cut up the little egg pod and plant the sprout still in the egg carton which is
biodegradable. How perfect!

Having said that all the little creatures about our place will probably eat the vegie's before us. 

Fun was had though!!
Farmer Gametag and her vegie seeds in egg cartons

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fast Ed & Go Go Gametag

Thank you Fast Ed for some great advice first thing in the morning, I am always very happy to receive any advice or suggestion some of my best advice has come from quick chats to people while being out and about. 

The Better Homes and Garden Show was fantastic for tips all the visitors where so plesant to be around, the stars where so obliging and stopped for a photo where ever they were.  They were all good sports.

The organisers were fantastic coming around to check on us regularly the atmosphere was really festive.  I have put Gametag down for a stand next year so happy to be part of something that was so much fun.

Fast Ed and Go Go Gametag
Rob Palmer was fantastic I gave samples of Gametag for prizes and he gave us the best wrap, people came looking for us, apparently some where very disappointed about missing out on a Gametag prize. Just simply fantastic.  Thank you Rob. Thank you Better Homes and Garden.