Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Free Downloads

One of the stories on The Project tonight was about the bills families are receiving from the "free" apps offered on smart devices the story highlighted that some bills have hit $1500 as the free game runs out and you then have to pay to continue playing. I have heard this a lot lately while being out and about.

Then this story http://www.heraldsun.com.au/technology/familys-are-being-hit-by-hefty-bills-run-up-by-children-playing-iphone-and-ipad-games/story-fn7ljlpi-1226442976218  and I am sure there are many others where people have been caught out

You don't rack up big gaming download bills with a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP and the graphics are "way better". You only pay once on their games and in the case of DS, the consoles are fairly heavy duty for kids unlike the broken screens of smart products.

Games can be resold, if you keep them long enough you could get your money back or even make a profit especially if they are limited editions. With Gametag you won't lose your game cartridges.

How interesting these stories are on the "smart devices" and their free downloads. My kids love their DS and PSP we don't have this issue.