Thursday, 13 September 2012

Camden Kids Fun Day held at Curry Reserve, Elderslie

After allergies and the flu I had a wonderful day at the Camden Festival Kids Fun Day on Wednesday.  Organised by the Camden Council and held in the Curry Reserve at Elderslie on the Camden Valley Way.

The Council staff Rebecca and Emma did a wonderful job with the organisation of the festival the weather was fantastic and the layout was well thought through.  Visitors to the festival could pick a sheet with all the stall holder logos on it, drop by those stalls and have the stall logo signed off, when the sheet was complete they received a "goodies" bag from the information stand.  This has been the first market or festival where this kind of promotion has occurred and it was fantastic.  I could explain my little invention to people who would not have stopped by my stall but of course know kids with DS and could pass on a brochure.

There were some great local businesses there including TaylorMade Cupcakes and Embroidery with her personalised embroidered products.