Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Johnny Depp has Gametag

Johnny Depp what a Great suggestion by someone!!!

When I am out and about talking to people at markets I am lucky enough to receive some of the best tips and this is the result of one such tip!

I was told to send Gametag to famous people with children because all children lose DS games, so like all leads off I went and today I received this from Johnny Depp the note reads 

"your gift has been received with heartfelt appreciation" the autograph is not printed on the photo it's actually signed.....
This has been such a thrill to receive what a wonderful man.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

On a more personal note!

 This week is Foster Care week in NSW
Gwen & Sue from Connecting Carers NSW & Janene
thank you for allowing Gametag to be part of the celebrations
15th December 1984 I met my husband we were 16 years old and working part time at Waltons (a department store now long closed down by Allan Bond) he was my first boyfriend and we married on 15th December 1990.  We fell pregnant with our first child 6 years later all very neat and tidy, only to find out that this pregnancy had ended at 6 weeks. Upset at first but grateful that nature had taken care relieving us of any decisions we would find difficult, we decided to go on holidays somewhere exotic, so off we went to India.

Our first child was born October 1997 followed shortly after by our second in March 1999 our third pregnancy ended around 6 weeks again and again I had to have it removed incidentally by Dr Charlie Teo's father Dr Phillip Teo. While on the operating table and before I had passed over to that most beautiful twilight zone my last thought was "what the hell am I doing here again". I didn't want to try IVF as we already had two children and I was not sure I wanted to put myself through any more disappointment. I wanted my four children and I didn't want to wait.

The next day I called DoC's to inquiry about becoming foster parents, because there just had to be an easier way to have a family.  As far back as I could remember I always thought I would have 2 boys and 2 girls. We enrolled in the fostering course provided by DoC's and have a guess what! I fell pregnant again our third child was born January 2001.  We completed the course and told DoC's we needed some time now that we had a new baby.

Sometime after our third child had turned one I called DoC's to tell them we were ready for our first foster child within days we were told to pick up a little bundle from the Childrens Hospital Ranwick that bundle only stayed two weeks, then moved in with his grandmother after she was assessed. On the way to Randwick to pick this first bundle up there was a beautiful rustic furniture shop I had my mum with me at the time and she wanted to have a look and ended up buying a beautiful dining table that seats 20 people made of all different types of wood we sat around this table for months and packed Gametag the table is used at all our family functions and is a constant reminder of the first little bundle who stayed two weeks.

Over the years I have learnt not to take placements back to back it is far to draining, without some down time it is not possible to be the best carer you can and time with just your own kids becomes even more priceless.  People often ask me how do I give back the children but not all children come from horrific situations some children come from families where there is an illness or a parent needs an operation those children never stay in care long and are happily returned as soon as the parent is healthy enough to look after them. It's a wonderful thing playing a major part in keeping a family together (oh that's the Gametag catch line my son made up "keeping it together').

Some kids come into care because there has been a death in the family of the primary carer those kids usually go to another relative a grandparent or aunty/uncle those kids never stay long either. Kids in these circumstances are not very difficult and give you such pleasure - keeping that family together simply the best feeling.

We have cared for 18 children in and around our life over the past 10 years and believe me that is not many some carers have dedicated their lives and fostered hundreds you really have to take your hat off to them. The best thing about fostering is when a child leaves and your circumstances change like having my last biological child you can call your fostering agent and let them know you will not be available until further notice. Just because you are a carer does not mean you have to be available 24/7 for the rest of your life fostering is actually very flexible.

There are many different types of care, needing foster carers. There are children in care with long term carers that may need a break once a month so you can opt to have the same child on a regular basis. There is crisis care when an incident occurs and a placement needs to be found immediately, short term where the children are in care while a family member is being assessed and long term placements where it not possible for the child to return to any family member.

Remember I told you I always thought I would have four children two boys and two girls well I was asked if we would take a new born baby some years ago, this time to be picked up at Westmead Children's hospital I met the little bundle at 5 days old and brought the bundle home at 10 days the bundle is at school and has the most wonderful relationship with some biological members of his family my little bundle is very happy with who he/she is and loves how large "the family" is. This bundle has brought such joy to our lives with no stretch marks, labour pains or any of the other discomforts of physically having a baby.

Around the same time another bit bigger bundle came to live with us, who happened to be the same age as my eldest son they immediately clicked and became inseparable.  I soon found  my son and the bit bigger bundle answering for one another and finishing each others sentences.  The relationship to this day is still like twins!   The bit bigger bundle stayed about eight months and was returned to his mum who had recovered from an illness this was years ago and bit bigger bundle still comes on most school holidays and stays for a week. They have moved out of Sydney and I have the most wonderful relationship with the mother, I consider her one of my closest friends.  We would not have had this friendship if DoC's did not hand it to us. 

I have one wish that while reading this I have planted a little seed in the depths of your brain, hopefully the seed in the next few years will grow and you call an agency to tell them the words they are desperately seeking "I think I would like to be a foster carer"  talk to your family about it.  For me, I had thought about it often but it wasn't until I had my miscarriages that I found the last piece to my perfect family.

.........With all my love Janene xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Meeting Polly & Waz from The Block at Westfields Parramatta and now our Polly is on "The Celebrity Apprentice Australia"


Polly and that happy face!

Sitting at home today sewing for the school concert when the grey cotton I am about to use is too dark so it's off to the shops to get the right colour.  I check my facebook updates before I go and see Polly & Waz The Block winners are at Westfield Parramatta between 1-3pm not far from my home. So kids in toe off we go!!!

Running through the shopping centre we don't want to miss them! TV royalty here we come.....ready or not!

Waz always with a tradie learning 

We find them doing a demo on plaster repairs with a Tradie expert. Audience all enthralled at how easy it looks.

Polly sees me in my Gametag shirt and waves she mouths "we will talk". I was so thrilled the kids ask if she knows us, I'm thinking its because I took a photo and photos are at the end! I look over my shoulder and there is no-one famous, not that I would know because I'm not very "hip".

Polly so excited she has a Gametag 

Then she says we have "our good friends Gametag here!" My brain floods with OMG she was talking to me! I feel famous, I was hoping for a photo but now I have just received the biggest thrill ever! I hand her the Gametag that's in my bag and someone yells do a quiz and give it to the winner!  Excellent Idea why didn't I think of that so I yell "yes do it!"

Polly inspecting a DS and Gametag

Waz asked the crowd what was their auction advertising gimmick Emma yells the key on the chair. I'm trying to stay calm I can not believe how beautiful Polly & Waz are.  Hope they are offered a TV roll. We mill around till the end and get lots of photos and my youngest son gets a Polly & Waz birthday message which he is taking to school next week for news.  He says it's the best birthday ever!!!

Polly - It's just so simple!
The funniest thing ever Waz says "I read about you", I think to myself you have to be joking I say "I'VE READ ABOUT YOU TOO!   so funny!! the truth is I got the biggest thrill, even more than my children did.

Polly - we should have a Block quiz!

Polly & Waz super good sports!  so much fun, Polly you need to accept all those modeling offers you look beautiful.  Waz you look so at home as a tradie!

EMMA you are the Polly & Waz Gametag quiz Champ!

Happy Birthday to my not so little anymore baby!

Our treasured signed copies thank you Polly & Waz

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Stalls and Markets

One of my favourite ways to advertise Gametag has been through stalls and markets. For Gametag it has been, that personal face to face contact with customers that has given us our best results and leads.  I can demonstrate how it works and people can see first hand exactly how durable and unique our product is. They can instantly see the advantages of having Gametag on their children's Nintendo DS's.  I have posted some photos of our stalls and markets below.

Oh did I mention how much fun it is!  I usually have some of my family members and friends helping me and it is a laugh a minute!!!! Our favourite stall was The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011 so many members of our family gave us their time. I will be posting some Easter show photos shortly..... it really was a hoot! 

Centro Shopping Centre Bankstown 2010

Children's Festival 2010

The Kings Art Show Market with my friend from Kindy Yvonne helping out.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011!!! Hard work but so much fun!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Advertising & Editorials

We continued to advertise and some of the best advertising was by way of reviews on Gametag and how I came to invent Gametag take a look at some of those. The Melbourne AGE - Green Guide, Woman's Day, our local paper The Torch, Take 5 magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, Street Corner, The Gamesmen, Jetstar inflight Magazine, Womens Weekly and That's Life.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sydney Morning Herald - Aussie mum's kitchen table games empire

14th October 2010 Asher Moses from the SMH wrote the most wonderful article about Gametag and how I had come to invent Gametag. I had sent samples of Gametag to the editor hoping someone would pick it up.  Asher's article appeared the day after the Chilean Miners were released following their 69 days trapped underground and the same day Shane Warne launched his clothing range.

That night when I turned my computer on hundreds and hundreds of emails flooded in.  It was a very surreal experience.

To read the article go to

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It all began Boxing Day 2008


Resources at Christmas are always stretched and Christmas 2008 was no different, our children were expecting brand name presents and top of their list was DS games. The children know the importance of looking after the games as they, along with my husband and I, had spent hours looking for games that had been misplaced on previous occasions and not always were the games found.

Early Boxing day I entered the lounge room to find the games and their boxes, new and old, spread all over the patterned carpet and not a child in sight. After the initial thought of catching the culprit and venting my anger I decided that would not solve the problem of loose lost games and I needed to come up with a device that would prevent this from ever occurring again.

Marvellous what can be achieved in a desperate situation, I raided my husbands desk, the children’s art and craft boxes, every drawer in the kitchen and anywhere else I could find something that would allow the games to be played while still remaining securely attached to one another and eventually arrived at a prototype of the Gametag™.

Then the most amazing thing happened, other parents saw the device and wanted to know where we purchased it, this went on for several weeks before we realised we might be onto something and with encouragement from family and friends decided to refine the original product, patent and trademark it.

Many hours were spent researching the tag, the adhesion had to be reliable and sturdy enough to withstand the constant use it would be subjected to, we sourced samples from all over the world and immediately put them to the test, we very quickly weeded out any that would not stand the test of time and for want of a better word the abuse that comes with children and DS games.

Thank you for your time Janene.
The inventor of GAMETAG™ and mother of four from Bankstown, Sydney, Australia.