Saturday, 10 September 2011

Meeting Polly & Waz from The Block at Westfields Parramatta and now our Polly is on "The Celebrity Apprentice Australia"


Polly and that happy face!

Sitting at home today sewing for the school concert when the grey cotton I am about to use is too dark so it's off to the shops to get the right colour.  I check my facebook updates before I go and see Polly & Waz The Block winners are at Westfield Parramatta between 1-3pm not far from my home. So kids in toe off we go!!!

Running through the shopping centre we don't want to miss them! TV royalty here we come.....ready or not!

Waz always with a tradie learning 

We find them doing a demo on plaster repairs with a Tradie expert. Audience all enthralled at how easy it looks.

Polly sees me in my Gametag shirt and waves she mouths "we will talk". I was so thrilled the kids ask if she knows us, I'm thinking its because I took a photo and photos are at the end! I look over my shoulder and there is no-one famous, not that I would know because I'm not very "hip".

Polly so excited she has a Gametag 

Then she says we have "our good friends Gametag here!" My brain floods with OMG she was talking to me! I feel famous, I was hoping for a photo but now I have just received the biggest thrill ever! I hand her the Gametag that's in my bag and someone yells do a quiz and give it to the winner!  Excellent Idea why didn't I think of that so I yell "yes do it!"

Polly inspecting a DS and Gametag

Waz asked the crowd what was their auction advertising gimmick Emma yells the key on the chair. I'm trying to stay calm I can not believe how beautiful Polly & Waz are.  Hope they are offered a TV roll. We mill around till the end and get lots of photos and my youngest son gets a Polly & Waz birthday message which he is taking to school next week for news.  He says it's the best birthday ever!!!

Polly - It's just so simple!
The funniest thing ever Waz says "I read about you", I think to myself you have to be joking I say "I'VE READ ABOUT YOU TOO!   so funny!! the truth is I got the biggest thrill, even more than my children did.

Polly - we should have a Block quiz!

Polly & Waz super good sports!  so much fun, Polly you need to accept all those modeling offers you look beautiful.  Waz you look so at home as a tradie!

EMMA you are the Polly & Waz Gametag quiz Champ!

Happy Birthday to my not so little anymore baby!

Our treasured signed copies thank you Polly & Waz