Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cruising on the Sun Princess 11th - 24th January 2013

Isle of Pines

Over the Christmas holidays we were lucky enough to holiday on board the Sun Princess owned by Princess Cruises which cruised around the South Pacific I have to say that this was one of the best holidays we have ever had. They had Kids Club however my children chose to stay by the pool every day where they met loads of friends and had the time of their lives. I managed to read all three books of Fifty Shades of Grey and noted lots of others reading the same books.

The food was amazing we ate dinner in their dining room every night as well as breakfast and we could have chosen to have it at the buffet but it was such luxury to have your meal served every night for 10 nights, to choose from a menu, to have four courses all with an array of choices we never did the buffet.

I did not have roaming on my phone and checked my emails every couple of days at their internet cafe, there was just nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the ride. That is unless you could be bothered to do it all which by the way was impossible because the on board activities were huge.

We stopped at Noumea, Isle of Pines, Vila, Port Denarau and Suva with Isle of Pines being our favourite we had to be transported in smaller boats to the shore where we spent the day on the beach in the beautiful clear water the photo below was taken on the beach.

Anyway when you have a great tip you should share it and for me, if you truly want a break with fantastic food book a Princess Cruise.

Now to get back into the swing of things and save for another Cruise perhaps the one that sails around Australia.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Harbour Side Markets in Coffs Harbour, Ms Versatile

The market was lovely under the trees in the park just in front of the Marina.  Lots of beautiful hand made things and 3 farmers just perfect!   A farmer really make a market for both customers and other stall holders they bring the regular customers who like to buy fresh from the farmer and they make the market feel like an old fashioned town square where people like to linger on the weekend and catch up with old friends.

I was lucky enough to be right next door to MsVersatile who manufacture their own "take on the humble scarf"...... MsVersatile's scarves are a free flowing fashion accessory for any outfit and can be worn in a variety of quick and easy styles just check out their video They are available in an array of fabrics from chiffons to slinky silks and perfect for all occasions and seasons.
Monica came up with her design one evening with friends, the weather had turned warm and she wanted to wear a cape she had with an outfit the fabric was way to heavy for the season so what else was she to do!! but create her own line of any season scarf, shawl, cape, kaftan Uuummmm! not sure what you would call her creation but it definitely works whenever, with whatever!

Monica with some of MsVersatile range

I had just been shown to my spot at the market when Monica was walking across to see where her stall was to be,  I instantly felt that I knew her from a long time ago but that happens to me a lot. I set my stall up and pass her at the organisers table when I just had to say "I think I know you!" she did not appear to know me however I was, by this time sure I knew her so I asked what school she went too.  No it wasn't school, next stop was my first job at Waltsons (now since closed down about 28years ago) and BINGO!!! she yells OMG I was 15years old I said I know so was I tooooo!!! we chatted all day blown away by this chance meeting again.  Around the world and right back to where we all start.  How fun!!  I just thought it would be nice to share that with you all.

Gametag is a DS game case and holder.


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sealy Lookout Sky Pier - Coffs Harbour

Gametag at the Sealy Lookout Sky Pier 

Today after the Gametag stand in the Coffs Harbour town centre we decided to head up to Sealy Lookout Sky Pier which is an amazing suspension pier out over the bush fifteen metres high and looking out to the beaches of Coffs Harbour.  It was absolutely stunning, the platform gently moved as people walked out along it. The view of the coat line was extensive.
Quoted from the Coffs Harbour Advocate "The panoramic platform extends 21m out from the cliff face more than 300m above sea-level"

Tree growing inside another tree at Central Bucca

We then took some back roads back to the main road past all the banana plantations and this tree with another tree growing from the centre.  

We made it back to the main road and then took another detour to Moonee Beach where we found the most beautiful beach and caravan park perfect for families.  The water was shallow and very clear over a large area and out to sea.

Beach at Moonee Beach

Such a lovely afternoon our and about in Coffs Harbour.

Gametag is a DS game case and holder.


Friday, 4 January 2013

Coffs Harbour City Centre - under the sails

Today was spent in the town centre of Coffs Harbour with a stand just amongst the coffee shops and restaurants the weather was warm and breezy kind of balmy.  I am lucky to have markets in all the best places.

Gametag at the Coffs Harbour city centre 4/1/13

After our dinner this evening we all went for a walk along the beach and took these photos they were so spontaneous and ended up so beautiful....

I decided to stop and take this photo of us all huddled together on the beach The Gametag Kids big and little

While taking at least 10 photos my daughter places her hands in the centre so beautiful

then on a roll with our creativity we took this

We had the best time just a simple walk along a beach on our summer holidays. One of the kids forgot to pick up their thongs, we had walked for quite a way when he realised.  He had to run back and luckily they were still there.  Maybe I need to Gametag the thongs!