Monday, 7 January 2013

Harbour Side Markets in Coffs Harbour, Ms Versatile

The market was lovely under the trees in the park just in front of the Marina.  Lots of beautiful hand made things and 3 farmers just perfect!   A farmer really make a market for both customers and other stall holders they bring the regular customers who like to buy fresh from the farmer and they make the market feel like an old fashioned town square where people like to linger on the weekend and catch up with old friends.

I was lucky enough to be right next door to MsVersatile who manufacture their own "take on the humble scarf"...... MsVersatile's scarves are a free flowing fashion accessory for any outfit and can be worn in a variety of quick and easy styles just check out their video They are available in an array of fabrics from chiffons to slinky silks and perfect for all occasions and seasons.
Monica came up with her design one evening with friends, the weather had turned warm and she wanted to wear a cape she had with an outfit the fabric was way to heavy for the season so what else was she to do!! but create her own line of any season scarf, shawl, cape, kaftan Uuummmm! not sure what you would call her creation but it definitely works whenever, with whatever!

Monica with some of MsVersatile range

I had just been shown to my spot at the market when Monica was walking across to see where her stall was to be,  I instantly felt that I knew her from a long time ago but that happens to me a lot. I set my stall up and pass her at the organisers table when I just had to say "I think I know you!" she did not appear to know me however I was, by this time sure I knew her so I asked what school she went too.  No it wasn't school, next stop was my first job at Waltsons (now since closed down about 28years ago) and BINGO!!! she yells OMG I was 15years old I said I know so was I tooooo!!! we chatted all day blown away by this chance meeting again.  Around the world and right back to where we all start.  How fun!!  I just thought it would be nice to share that with you all.

Gametag is a DS game case and holder.


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