Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sealy Lookout Sky Pier - Coffs Harbour

Gametag at the Sealy Lookout Sky Pier 

Today after the Gametag stand in the Coffs Harbour town centre we decided to head up to Sealy Lookout Sky Pier which is an amazing suspension pier out over the bush fifteen metres high and looking out to the beaches of Coffs Harbour.  It was absolutely stunning, the platform gently moved as people walked out along it. The view of the coat line was extensive.
Quoted from the Coffs Harbour Advocate "The panoramic platform extends 21m out from the cliff face more than 300m above sea-level"

Tree growing inside another tree at Central Bucca

We then took some back roads back to the main road past all the banana plantations and this tree with another tree growing from the centre.  

We made it back to the main road and then took another detour to Moonee Beach where we found the most beautiful beach and caravan park perfect for families.  The water was shallow and very clear over a large area and out to sea.

Beach at Moonee Beach

Such a lovely afternoon our and about in Coffs Harbour.

Gametag is a DS game case and holder.