Friday, 4 January 2013

Coffs Harbour City Centre - under the sails

Today was spent in the town centre of Coffs Harbour with a stand just amongst the coffee shops and restaurants the weather was warm and breezy kind of balmy.  I am lucky to have markets in all the best places.

Gametag at the Coffs Harbour city centre 4/1/13

After our dinner this evening we all went for a walk along the beach and took these photos they were so spontaneous and ended up so beautiful....

I decided to stop and take this photo of us all huddled together on the beach The Gametag Kids big and little

While taking at least 10 photos my daughter places her hands in the centre so beautiful

then on a roll with our creativity we took this

We had the best time just a simple walk along a beach on our summer holidays. One of the kids forgot to pick up their thongs, we had walked for quite a way when he realised.  He had to run back and luckily they were still there.  Maybe I need to Gametag the thongs!

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