Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fast Ed & Go Go Gametag

Thank you Fast Ed for some great advice first thing in the morning, I am always very happy to receive any advice or suggestion some of my best advice has come from quick chats to people while being out and about. 

The Better Homes and Garden Show was fantastic for tips all the visitors where so plesant to be around, the stars where so obliging and stopped for a photo where ever they were.  They were all good sports.

The organisers were fantastic coming around to check on us regularly the atmosphere was really festive.  I have put Gametag down for a stand next year so happy to be part of something that was so much fun.

Fast Ed and Go Go Gametag
Rob Palmer was fantastic I gave samples of Gametag for prizes and he gave us the best wrap, people came looking for us, apparently some where very disappointed about missing out on a Gametag prize. Just simply fantastic.  Thank you Rob. Thank you Better Homes and Garden.