Monday, 17 September 2012

Farmer Gametag

Today I planted most of my little seedings in egg cartons just as I saw on the pages of Pinterst.

 Most of the seeds come from the Better Homes and Garden show where companies gave out little seed packs similar to the old matchstick flip packs except seeds are attached to the tips where the flame would be.

I planted some natives, carrots, spinach, Pak Choi, Beans, Cucumber and Zucchini. A whole salad's worth and when they sprout you just cut up the little egg pod and plant the sprout still in the egg carton which is
biodegradable. How perfect!

Having said that all the little creatures about our place will probably eat the vegie's before us. 

Fun was had though!!
Farmer Gametag and her vegie seeds in egg cartons

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