Saturday, 3 August 2013

This amazing photo.... so many questions How? how? HOW? hOw? I love it.....

Gametag is a DS game case and holder


The best thing about social media is seeing sights you would never in your life see...  This has to be one of them. 

What brand is the truck?
What is the maximum weight it can carry?
How many bags are on the truck?
How are the bags attached or tied down because they don't look like they have moved?
How many bikes?
How many people or maybe just men?
How the hell did the people get all the way up on top?
Do they have food and water?
What happens if they fall asleep?
How long have they been travelling for? and how long to go till they arrive at where ever?
Who took the photo?
How, How and How!
Just a photo, I have now looked at about twenty times simply fascinated by the whole spectacle.