Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gametag at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013

Gametag at the Sydney Easter Show 2013
Gametag with some of our Friends, I like my men all wrapped up!

Saw this today on a lady in a stand opposite mine.  Such a beautiful piece of art.

will be at the Sydney Easter Show 21/3/13 to 3/4/13. Held at the Sydney Showground Homebush. Visit us at our stand No. 18 in the Kids World Olympic Boulevard.

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Camden Show 15th and 16th March 2013

Gametag at the Camden Show 15th - 16th March 2013
Camden Show was fantastic and it is truly a country show!  Spread over 2 days with something going on every minute (well that's what it felt like).  The Gametag stand was at  the end of Horse Lane just at the entrance to the car park. The perfect position! The weather on Friday was overcast but luckily no rain, Saturday was hot hot hot we had to apply the sun screen quite a few times.
They had a parade with all the sponsors vehicles along with some vintage ones, it was fantastic to see them.

Gametag with a vintage Mack at the Camden Show

Sand castles in the shape of a dragon at the Camden Show

The police were out in force at the Camden Show

The next stand was all about cows complete with a fake milking cow which kept the kids entertained all day everyday.  The farmer explained the different types of cows and which produce the most milk he went on to make butter and cheese right in front of his audience, he explained how they are milked both in the past and at present. He was fantastic and always had a huge crowd listening.

Gametag - kids milking the fake cow

The highlight was being just across the way from my friends Renee and Reece from Matthews Saddlery they both cleaned up with Reece wining first prize for his hand made whips and belts and Renee on her saddles.  Check out Renee and Reece cracking their whips.

Renee and Reece whipping their whips

Newcastle Show 1st - 3rd March 2013

Gametag - Rain Rain go away come back another day at the Newcastle show
The Newcastle show was a wash out, torrential rain fell all day, across the three days.  Which was very sad because the organisers did a wonderful job organising the show and then reorganising to fit some of the outside stalls inside.  I was in one of the pavilions with an old friend Lil Princess who ended up right beside me their stand was outside with no chance of trading in the weather so they moved in right next door to me!

Lil Princess with some of their stock right next door to Gametag

On the other side was the face painter and clown, they entertained all day.  Masterpieces created from the scary to the pretty and everything in between. 

Face painting and the Clown on the otherside of Gametag 

The show girls came through on the Saturday for a visit along with the unicycle who juggle cricket bats and the belly dancers who all wandered around entertaining the customers who were out numbered by the stall holders due to the weather. So sad after so much effort to be there. 

The Newcastle Show organisers were fantastic and really have to be commended on the way the assisted all of the stall holders under the circumstances.