Monday, 25 February 2013

Canberra Show 22nd -24th February 2013

Well the Canberra Show was a wonderful country show with all the farm animals, carnival rides, show bags, craft pavilion, home and lifestyle pavilion and of course the art show and that is exactly where I was right outside the door, talk about VIP spot and it was!

Gametag at the ActewAGLCanberra Show February 2013

My neighbours were excellent of course! opposite Gametag was Country Harvest Australia owned and run by Stephen and Narelle who make their whole range personally. They are up most mornings and cooking by 4am to finish around 1pm just as the day heats up on the Sunshine Coast. Included in their range is the Chilli Harvest for all you wholike to "spice it up" with Crocodile Bite Habanero Source being their hottest and taking 2 minutes to reach its hottest point.  Oooh that's a wee bit hot for me!  Date and Chilli Chutney was just perfect.

Country Harvest Australia jams and chutneys
Narelle chose this for me. Date and Chilli Chutney

Their range also includes the most yummy jams with the amazing colours, in 1993 they added the unique flavours of the Australian bush and to quote them "in a word - extraordinary" you can purchase a jar or two from one of their wholesalers or look out for them at the shows they do.  You won't be disappointed!

Who remembers these? go on put your hand up!  My neighbour to the right was The Fairy Factory who had the prettiest dolls on a stick including the cuppie/kewpie doll hey were definitely a crowd stopper of all ages by it was mostly mums and grandmothers who stopped to tell the child with them they had one of those when they were a child and visited the show.  The Fairy Factory dolls where actually dressed by the staff on the stand they sat and clued all the frills and flowers to each doll and that is definately what attracted most people.  It was so amazing to watch the pleasure on people’s faces just by looking at a doll.

Gametag neighbours so nice and quiet very very cute and a crowd stopper

 I met Tina from Deepblue Design Works who makes the most intricate woodden decorations from her studio near Evandale in Northern Tasmania .  Her range is extensive covering Tasmanian Timber Veneer Cutwork, Decorative Flat pack Trees, Decorations, Jewellery, Trivets and Coasters Letter / Napkin Racks, Business Card Holders, Landscapes, Custom Made Packaging you can down load her designs from the website to appreciate just how fine her work is, watch out for her at the shows.

Tina from Deepblue Design Works with some of her little works of art!

Tina gets the details so fine.

Tina had a great product on her stand Koolit with 4 essential oils especially chosen for their cooling effect blended with Aloe Vera Koolit has the consistency of a gel and feels beautiful on the skin.It can be used for heat affected areas such as insect bites, aftershave balm and waxing relief.

Koolit for relief

A great show well done to the Canberra Show organisers considering the weather was far from helpful.

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