Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Berry Celtic Festival held 25th May 2013

Gametag is a DS game case and holder.

Gametag stepping out with a little Celtic spirit

Gametag at the Berry Celtic Festival 

The Berry Celtic Festival held last Saturday 25th May 2013 was a fantastic festival with live bands and singers. People dressed for the occasion and the most amazing stall holders selling all you need to really feel part of the show.  I was forced by my friend Danice from East Village & Co to look the part.... I know I'm very scary when in costume!!!   I needed extra padding under the helmet as my head was way tooo small?????

So many stall holder friends where there East Village & Co. Ivy Home & Gifts and a very old friend Nanette Imports we were all close and again all our kids with us and enjoying the festival made it even better.   It was a chilly, early start to the day but no rain and clear blue skies just a perfect day.

Ivy House and Gifts at the Berry Celtic Festival

East Village & Co. at the Berry Celtic Festival 

The view from Mount Keira just as the moon is rising  - Gametag 

We headed home and just as we were coming up Mount Ousley the moon was rising and we took a quick detour to the Mount Keira look out so so beautiful, it's funny how you can pass an attraction for years and then one day you just decide to investigate and find a view that is just so beautiful hiding quietly there.  Just  5km off the main road but a world away from everything.

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