Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Panania Mania School Fete held 19th May 2013

Some of the stalls at the Panania Mania School Fete

The Panania Mania School Fete  was held in the grounds of the school at Lawler St Panania.  It was such a well run day with loads of stalls including two of Gametags friends Ivy Home and Gifts who specialise in beautiful home decorations and pieces and a long-time friend East Village & Co who specialise in beautiful brightly coloured enamelled jewellery.  We were right next door to both and with our children running around and enjoying the fete just adding to the excitement of the day.

The day started off a little cool and turned into a beautiful warm day they had the saussage sizzle running all day and carnival rides at the entrance.  There were children gelore with their parents and grandparents.

Ivy Home and Gifts at the Panania Mania School Fete 

East Village & Co at the Panania Mania School Fete

Gametag at the Panania Mania School Fete

School fetes have wonderful atmospheres with a true community sense about them. It is definately a fete I would like to be a part of again.

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