Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Current Affair - The Great Mum Debate

Prior to Gametag (I was lucky enough to have stayed home for 12 years straight before inventing Gametag) I cut back on spending to stay at home I remember it being difficult financially but we all enjoyed the fact that I was home I think our lives were definitely calmer.

If I had of known how much work my little invention would be and the time it has taken me away from my kids, I probably would not have gone ahead with it opting to be a full time stay home mum.

I think the federal Government should allow couples to income share which would enable more families to make a choice that is right for all of them without financial pressure.

I do believe dads make equally great stay home parents and acknowledge how hard it must be for single parents because they are actually working 2 jobs.

Would you like to be a full time stay home mum or do you prefer to be a working mum, is it a choice you would have made differently if you didn't have the financial influence on your decision?