Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Southern Highlands Christmas Fair

Today Saturday 8th was spent at the Southern Highlands Christmas Fair just over an hour’s drive from my home in Bankstown I had a stand at this market last year and was really excited on the drive down I told some of my stall holder friends about the market and was meeting them again there.

I set my stand up right next door to Annette from Nannette Imports who sells water crystals for all your cut flowers and plants with great colours and the funniest feeling when you run your hand through the samples on her table I knew the day would be fun.

On otherside I had Janine (yes another Janene) from Jandy Jewellery with her most amazing pieces of marcasite jewellery these earrings are her favourite pieces and the photo just does not do the pieces justice. She also had beautiful cotton tops for over your swimmers or pants the prints were lovely for summer.  Thanks Janine for being a fantastic neighbour. 

Gametag was right next door to Jandy Jewellery these are Janine's favourite pieces

Gametag was right next door to Jandy Jewellery with an array of her pieces 
 Across the way were my favourite girls Cheryl Price and Sharon Kennedy who make the most beautiful soap and jewellery!  yes that right below are soaps even though the photo shows yummy treats, they are all soap!  made by them! I have often bought their soaps and today I received a gift pack of two Thank you girls.  My mother the "diehard market-oholic" bought one of their pieces just to look at in her china cabinet it was gorgeous. They also do beautiful jewellery so check it out Gemwaith.

Gametag opposite Gifts for your Mum at the Souther Highlands Christmas Fair

And here is mum's soap in her china cabinet with her porcelain dolls

My mum bought one of these little floral pots completely made of soap

one of Cheryls amazing pieces 

The Southern Highlands Christmas Fair is on again tomorrow 9th December 2012 so if you are looking for a great day out come for the drive, pick up a couple of bottles of wine and have a relaxing day in the country.  Cnr Illawarra Highway & Oldbury Road, Sutton Forest, New South Wales 2577