Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Old Bus Depot Canberra 23/12/12

The 23rd of December we had a stall at The Old Bus Depot which turned out to be a very very hot day we were just outside the main entrance and were lucky enough to have a breeze every now and then through the day.  Inside was stifling hot with no breeze while we had to hang onto our gazebo from time to time I was glad to be outside.

I really enjoy the markets at The Old Bus Depot the management choose the stalls carefully and that makes the all the stalls interesting.  A large majority of the stalls have items that are made by the stall holder and you can see the time and care taken in making each piece. I managed to go for a quick walk before the market opened and ran into Penny from Rustic Treasures, who was my neighbour once before at this market.  All jewellery made by Penny is designed and hand-crafted by her. Penny specialises in mixed-metals and often combines silver, copper and brass in a single design. She also makes individual pieces from each of these base metals. Her signature pieces are dome beads manufactured from Sterling silver, brass and copper. Each piece is designed and crafted individually, and each side of the bead is a different design providing two necklaces in one. She was flat out the week before this market as she had sold out of most of her lines with the exception of three pieces I asked her how her fingers were because stocking up means making a stack of pieces, she said her fingers were slowing recovering from the rush.  Her stock looked fantastic so check out her website.

Penny from Rustic Treasures

Some of Penny's amazing work and all made the previous week as she had sold out.

My stand was right next door to Melanie from Nixy Made who makes the most beautiful cards and paper products including the most amazing paper Christmas Trees and little badges with owl motifs on them one of her customers placed her badge on her babies pram to keep the cotton fly
"throw" from flying of the pram so cute.  The Christmas trees made from festive coloured paper came in two sizes the larger ones sold out soon after the market opened and the smaller ones by the end of the day.  They were bought by people who were using them as table centre pieces on Christmas day and others purchased them as the decoration on the top of a stack of presents. You can order Melanie's cards via her facebook page by messaging her.

Melanie from Nixy Made, with her little Christmas Trees, badges and cards before they all sold out.

This couple make the most beautiful wooden toys my youngest son has one of their spinning tops.

This stall holder has uniquely crafted iron products.