Sunday, 12 August 2012

A quiet weekend

This weekend my husband had one of two final weekend courses at Uni so there were no weekend markets for me instead soccer duty for me. This was definately lucky with such horrible windy weather which I would have been out in.  One hand on my stock and the other on the gazebo which includes weights on all four legs of the gazebo and not helping. Markets and wind are a bad combination.

I did have my usual Wednesday market at Penrith in the paceway Rob and the staff are some of the
friendliest market staff I have met and the stall holders are a bunch of wonderful people as well.  The market allows me to drop the kids to school and be home in time to pick them up. There are not many week day markets and even less during school hours so Penrith Markets are perfect.

The markets have been such a wonderful outlet for Gametag I am out and about with my customers and those that follow me on facebook often to see where I am come for a visit to pick up refills or Gametags as gifts.  I try to buy my vegetables from the farmers who come to the markets, which I feel is important, when I pass my money over I know the farmer gets to keep it all.  I am constantly amazed how long the shelf life of vegetables are at these small local markets.  When I first married Brett in 1990 I remember potatoes lasted at least a month or sometimes more I have found recently the big supermarkets potatoes have been going off before the week is out so a lot of money is wasted throwing out rotten food.

I bought potatoes from a farmer when Gametag was in Goulbourn on 7th July which is five weeks ago and not one potato had gone off.  Early this year I bought five kilos of apples straight from the farmer who had driven down to Penrith markets from Orange the box was five dollars and they too lasted a month.I may have had them last even longer but the kids ate one after another and repeatedly told me that they tasted so differant and to buy the same apples again. Carrots from Colo Vale on 28th July three weeks ago, I still have some in my fridge with none gone to waste.

Our local weekend markets are fast becoming the old fashioned town square.  Organic Food Markets run quite a few local markets and they have such a community feel to them if you have one in your local area check it out and buy directly from the farmer or the producer. Add them to your facebook and get the updates as they post them.