Thursday, 16 August 2012

WOW & WOW Kiama markets 19th August 2012

I had been recommended to the Kiama Market quite a few months ago but only just made it to the market this weekend.  I had booked for the 17th June the weather report said gale force winds so I made the decision to stay home BIG MISTAKE! out of every mistake you have to learn a lesson so I promptly booked for yesterday and on speaking to other stallholders the wind on the 17th was a couple of little gusts...  They had a great day.

Kiama is the most beautiful little town so so cute less than two hours from Sydney.  I had the kids up  at 5am, my mother picked up and was on the road with the crumbling kids by 6am.   I was really excited about this market because so many people had said great things about it and the organiser Bobby.
My Paris as she walks along the stalls

As usual I went looking for the farmers and bought my apples from one and spinach, potatoes, strawberries and broccoli from another so deliciously fresh such a thrill.

Camilleri Strawberries straight from their farm at Horsley Park

I ran into Keith and Viebke who "lives the adventure" with their absolutely beautiful handmade goat leather bags and journals. All their lines are so rustic looking as if each piece has a story to tell.

Keith and Viebke with just some of their pieces
Some of their journals inspired by Harry Potter complete with a jewel  on the front such a great gift for a child.
Keith also has journals covered in Goat leather with the fur my daughter could not help touching the journals such beautifully crafted tactile pieces. Visit their store and check out the pieces yourself.

My friend Annette from Nannette Imports was there with me, she has booked for next month also thrilled with how beautiful the market was.

Stalls all the way around the bay and into the park at the far end.
I have long wondered how long before the big companies "cotton on" to how wonderful the markets are.  They are a wonderful days outing for families and in a location like this you have to feel excited at just being outside. As stall holders with our very own products like Gametag and little chance of the big companies even noticing us, stalls give us the opportunity to face our customers and put our product forward farmers get to keep all the money they earn and their produce definitely lasts longer I have been eating the proof of that.  For the first time I notice a big company at a market, Telstra had a stand complete with their Telstra gazebo, two staff, their car complete with logo and equipment.  Is this a good thing or a bad, will they bring even more people to the markets which will great for stall holders or will it turn people off who are trying to get away from big business we will have to wait and see the Teltra staff look like they were enjoying their outdoor office.

Kiama Markets were definitely a market to put on your list

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