Sunday, 5 August 2012

Moocooboola Hunters Hill Festival 2012

Well, what can I say this was a wonderful day with beautiful weather not just for me but the kids loved it as well!.... they had a ball with the mini circus, the play area that is permanently in the park and just wondering around the festival.

We arrived at our allotted time of 7.30am joined the queue which was well directed on the street and on the oval.  The stalls were arranged around the outside of the oval and several metres in was an inner row of stalls both facing one another to form a wide aisle around the park.  I had three of my four children and husband to help with the set up making light work of that job.

Gametag - Stalls at Moocooboola Hunters Hill Festival 2012

We wondered off to see if any of our stallholder friends were here.  The stalls were just beautiful so many where small businesses run by mums who make what they are selling. I came across Elaine Jorgensen who specialises in "handmade Japanese pendants on shell or silver" the colours were bright and cheery and the designs lovely.

Elaine with some of her shell pendnat creations $30 each
Not far from Elaine was a very vibrant woman, smiling happily and chatty with her reversible creations in fabric. Little dresses, overalls and aprons all reversible, a mum of four just like me sewing away to make her pieces.  The stitching is beautifully done as is her choices of fabric.  Her company name Giggle Designs such a fitting name, you can email her to find out which markets she will be at next  you will be able to find her creations on facebook very soon.

Gametag - Vicki from Giggle Design

My neighbour for the day was Felicity from Amaya Photography Sydney who took photos of dogs and owners all day. Felicity had wonderful protraits hanging around her stall of work she had done in the past.  Another mother at the festival and accompanied by her own mother.

Rotary were there making bacon and egg rolls that were choc-a-block with bacon and egg yum yum yum, what could be better than the roll! the price only $4 each.

One of the stands was TJ Andrews Funeral Services they brought along two of cars they use in funerals one of the cars was a vintage  Rolls Royces which was absolutely beautiful talk about going to the next life in style.

Gametag - TJ Andrews Funeral Services 

Gametag - TJ Andrews Funeral Services
This festival was definately worth visiting as a customer or a stall holders.