Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fishers Ghost Festival Held at Campbelltown 10th November 2012

Saturday was spent at the Fishers Ghost Festival in Campbelltown.  Queen Street was blocked off and lined both sides with stall holders the entertainment was on stage in the park about half way along Queen Street the street took on a very festive atmosphere. 

As usual I ran into another stall holder that I have met along the way Sandra from Smart Arts Face Painting who was ready to paint pretty and scary faces all day she was with her daugther and their stall was at the opposite end of the street to me.

The festival started with people filtering through the street at about 9.30am and the day peeking at about 12pm.  I have to say that this was one of the busiest festivals Gametag has been at, both mum and I were kept very busy explaining and demonstrating Gametag.  The day wrapped up at 2pm with all the children seeming to have enjoyed themselves leaving with lots of bits and pieces.

Gametag at the Fishers Ghost Festival in Campbelltown 10th Novmeber 2012
The Fishers Ghost story is very interesting and can be read on the official website 

It was a wonderful day and one that I would like to be part of again.

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