Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Coastal Crafts Handmade Market

Saturday we were at The Coastal Crafts Handmade Market which was a small market held at a church in Albian Park Rail.  The church is in an industrial area just off the Princes Highway so very easy to get to.

I ran into Sasha from Intsywintsy Photography the large portrait in the photo below is nothing like the real photo she had on display, this child’s eyes were so hauntingly beautiful and I can understand how Sasha captured that moment.  She is a mother herself and had her son with her while at the market her other photos were also beautiful and I spent a long time admiring them.. 

As I chatted to Sasha she told me about her other hobby crocheting which was actually what attracted me to her stand initially.  My grandmother taught me to crochet (nothing like hers I might add!) and I have my great grandmother crocheting book so I am instantly attracted to anything crocheted not many people at markets actually do their own work and get their work as beautiful as hers.  Sasha's work is so fine and detailed she made the arm bands in the photo below, if you head over to her and her husbands facebook page to check out their photography, you will see other examples of her crocheting in the many photos displayed there.

I can definitely recommend her for both her crocheting if you want a gift that is handmade but  something individual and her photography so beautifully different!

You can email her on

Gametag visiting Intsysintsy Photography 
Some of Sash's Crocheting

I was opposite Feel Good Skincare who make their own products from natural and Organic Ingredients the products were beautiful. So check them out via their facebook page.

Gametag at The Coastal Crafts Handmade Market