Monday, 5 November 2012

Penrith Paceway Markets Wednesday, Boot Hill Campbelltown Market Thursday & The Umina Beach Fair Saturday

Penrith Paceway market was quiet this week, I guess everyone is watching their money.  Most of the stall holders reported the same, so I decided to do Boot Hill Market in Campbelltown on Thursday as I had done that market about this time last year, it too was a quiet day and other store holders were saying the same.  Saturday it was off to The Umina Fair only to find it quiet as well.

Hopefully the Reserve Bank will lower interest rates today and relieve us all.  Some lucky people may have a win on the Melbourne Cup or the big lotto draw tonight.  Good luck to all.......

Penrith Paceway Market

Boot Hill Campbelltown market 

Umina Fair