Wednesday, 21 November 2012

William Carey Christian School's fun fair Saturday 17th September 2012

This time of year gets very hectic with markets and fairs, this weekend was no exception.

Double booked, so there was nothing else to do but call on favours to fill my workforce at two venues.  Mum and my cousin Lisa were top of the list and quickly replied with a YES!

Thursday I dropped my gazebo, stock, brochures and anything else I thought they would need off to mum.  They arrived Saturday at William Carey Christian school and set up after finding the fair well organised and very easy to find their spot.

Gametag at William Carey Christian School - Fun Fair 
Right next door to our stand was Antonia from Faith Insignias who is an Authorised Consultant.  I went to school with Antonia from Kindergarten all the way to year 10.  Faith Insignias specialises in inspirational jewellery with their modern designs and beautiful little messages.  A great little gift.
Mum did quite a lot of shopping and left Lisa to handle the Gametag stand alone which of course she did and is an old hand at it.  Lisa has accompanied me on many occasions, I am truly grateful that each time I call her she accommodates me.  Lisa often begs for the "sack" but I think you have to be paid to get the "sack" LOL! we actually love working together.  Thank you again Lisa, A MILLION!