Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Application for Moocooboola Hunter's Hill Festival who have a pollution & Waste policy

I have just filled out an application for the Moocooboola Hunter's Hill Festival Boronia Park Ovals, Hunters Hill and part of the application states no plastic bags, avoid unnecessary packaging. no polystyrene etc etc this is the first market where unnecessary waste has been stipulated I think it is great.  I have to say I can not help myself when I drive past other peoples rubbish piles and it never ceases to amaze me the things that get thrown away.  My Grandmother "Gin" (pronounced Giin not Jin) kept everything and I mean everything her house was like a museum of things that had been past down for generations or things we had given her..... she was definately a horder which I think came from living through the depression. My house is full of second hand furniture and bits and pieces I alway wonder what happen to the people of owned it or made it, where has it been.

I though I would share with you some of the things I have from my roadside shopping trips, much to my childrens horror.......

These two matching perspex stands were straight of the rubbish pile 1 block from my house and fit my Gametags in as if they were made for them.

This large glass lamp (now without electrical) was picked up off a rubbish pile thrown in a park at Greenacre and is just fantasitic as a garden feature.  It was pouring with rain and I was with my cousin dropping her car to the mechanics when I saw it.  I told her to stay in the car I would just toss it in the back seat.  Ha Ha Ha LOL LOL it weighted a tonne, hundreds of little glass pieces wired together, I cut my hand trying to get it into the car even with the assistance of my cousin, we both got drenched and had to put a thick blanket down on the seat to prevent any damage. But I have to say well worth it eveyone comments on it in the garden.

My absolutely favourite piece of road side junk, is my day bed which my husband made for me from road side rubbish I collected.  The legs are off a waterbead, the draws from a dressing table, the side rails from old 1970's saloon/kitchen doors, the piece of carved wood at the back from my great uncles estate, the fly net hook is solid brass and was dug up from our garden, not visible but behind the cushions at the back are two old hand carved chairs (just the back support piece of the chairs).  In summer I do love laying out on it with a book.....Life doesn't get much better!

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