Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Connecting Carers, NSW

Thank you to everyone who donated items for me to pass onto Connecting Carers  NSW  Jill came today and took another load of items from my garage to take on her next trip out west supporting the foster carers and in particular kinship carers (carers looking after children related to them).

Kinship carers are growing in numbers as grandparents step up to care for numerous grandchildren with little or no government help, this is no small job at their age and in many cases 3 or more children are in their care. No-one knows where general foster carers (not kinship carer) live, we don't have to deal with family members turning up and demanding to see children in states that are not ideal and then leave after causing havoc. Kinship carers have to deal with this, try to calm kids down who just don't understand or see why they can not live with their parents in some cases these grandparents have had to call police to remove their son or daughter to protect their grandkids. Kinship carers are SAINTS! 

Jill and Kaye sort, fold, pack in sizes, put into plastic bags and seal, so they are presented as quality items which they are, therefore don't look in the least bit like second hand items.  A lot of the items aren't second hand. Any shoes are boxed. Some of this goes to the Mission's where Jill visits in Kinship/foster carers in the far west of NSW.  Just another small service of Connecting Carers. NSW.

It is a privilege for me to support this charity and to give back for the support I have had in the past, if it were not for Jill I would not be a carer myself, I would have given up on my 2nd placement......some 18 children ago.

xxxx Janene

Care loaded up with donations

Connecting Carers NSW contact details

24 hour Support Line: 1300 794 653

Head office

Postal Address
PO Box 241, Villawood NSW, 2163
Phone: 9794 2352
Fax: 9794 2381

Hunter/Central Coast

Astrid Hocking
Regional Coordinator
Unit 1/17 Arnott St,
Edgeworth NSW 2285

Postal Address
PO Box 4033,
Edgeworth NSW 2285

Phone: 02 4965 8547
Mobile: 0448 490 892
Fax: 02 4953 0864

Metro Central
Sandra Kessler

Regional Coordinator
Phone: 0409 989 344

Metro South West/Metro West

Sue O’Connor
Regional Coordinator
Phone: 0439 476 234


Kim Hawken
Regional Coordinator
3/80 Albany Street,
Coffs Harbour, 2450
Phone: 0409 463 754


Margaret Davis
Regional Coordinator - Bega, Batemans Bay, Cooma, Queanbeyan
9/158-162 Carp Street,
Phone: 0400 356 309

Sue O'Connor
Regional Coordinator - Goulburn, Yass, Nowra, Wollongong
Phone: 0439 476 234


Jill Death
Regional Coordinator
Phone: 0448 450 964

Kinship & Relative Care Project

Rita Fenech
Phone: 9794 2352

Vanessa Jelic
Administrative Officer
Phone: 9794 2377

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