Saturday, 28 July 2012

Colo Vale Markets Kathleen Willard

Well it was freezing when we arrived at Colo Vale this morning about 8am, running late because we were watching the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, we kept saying just five more minutes , just five more minutes.  When we arrived we met with the market organiser Mrs Willard who is in her 70’s and very witty she ushered us to our spot and we were set up in a moment.

there is my stand with my vegies carrots and brocholi straight from the farmers and a cake from the lady that made it.
Kathleen who runs the Colo Vale market is a scream and came by to check all was well making jokes about herself, stall holders and of course customers all day. She declared the market open anouncing we were there, so funny. The market is directly opposite the Colo Vale train station which has not operated for some years.  A very very cute building made of cedar and restored by the Colo Vale Community Assoc. The market is held in the comunity hall and grounds which was built in the 50s using mostly second hand building materials. Any materials needed were paid for with the auctions of things like locally grown pumpkins very big pumpkins as told to me by Mrs ....... She doesn't want to be name!  LOL how funny.   

Colo Vale Train Station
Once again I have bought my vegies from the farmer, first stop was broccoli, carrots and turnips from Organics You Can Trust.  We also had his home made popcorn with honey and went back to get a second bag but it was gone! that's how good it was.

and Dunollie Fresh farm bok choy, onions and lettuce.

Joe from Seacombe Fine Wood Products was there with his hand made wooden products.

Michelle "the Mad Goat lady". handmade goats milk body products colour & perfume free, all from the goats on her property. She knits little baby suits and toy animals her products are fantastic as one her customers told me.

The local realestate Ian Cameron from Cameron Real Estate who prints out the "Colo Vale News" full of all the happenings in Colo Vale popped in for a visit and a chat about the area, how safe it is, some of the properties in the area can fetch over a million dollars.  This little village is a beautiful place and the market was lovely Kathleen is a wonder manger who made us feel she was more like a host, providing coffee and tea for the stall holders from the kitchen in the hall there were tables and chairs for patrons to stop a moment and relax. 

On a serious note Kathleen had a grandson Cameron who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 9 she wrote, illistrated and published a book called Cameron's Garden what a truely lovely lady she is.

This market is not a market I would make a special trip for but I would definately put it on my list if you were heading to the southern highlands on an outing.  The market is held on the fourth Saturday of each month in Railway Parade the stall was $20 but I would pay that, to just sit and watch Kathleen buzz around. 

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