Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cut out, pop up cards and Rustic Treasures at the Old Bus Depot

Sunday 22nd July 2012 up again today at 5.30am and on the road by 6am to be in Canberra by 9.30am for a market at the famous Old Bus Depot.  We left home in the dark and watched the sun rise along the way such a beautiful day in the county with a little rain here and there.

We stopped off at the Canberra sign for a quick photo.

then straight to the Old Bus Depot to set up.

As usual after setting up I introduced myself to my neighbour Penny from Rustic Treasures   Penny makes all her own jewellery in a studio at her home. She specialises in mixed-metals and often combines silver, copper and brass in a single design. She also makes individual pieces from each of these base metals. Her signature pieces are dome beads manufactured from Sterling silver, brass and copper. Her jewellery if beautifully made and you can read her blog

I came across Liz who makes her own cards, the cards are pop up with various motifs and fold away as the card is closed, the motifs are intricately cut out by her with the finest of details Liz has a facebook page coming so look out for her page Paper Treats.  A card handmade from Liz would definately add a special touch to any gift.  

Liz with her hand cut, pop up cards.

My parents came down for the day, they wandered around the markets with my children and husband we all departed Canberra two of my children went in my parents car and two came with my husband and I, my daughters Paris and Victoria were both using their DS's  in separate cars when we noticed the light in the rear window of my father's car, Paris was trying to connect to Victoria's DS via DS download. They were able to connect however it dropped out on many occasions after only a few seconds of connection, so no games are being played but a "hell of a lot of fun" trying. What a beautiful day today has been.

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