Sunday, 1 July 2012

Maitland Market July 2012

Up at 4am in the CCCCCold and dark for the trip to Maitland, 172km  from our home in Bankstown.  The drive this time in the morning is wonderful so dark and cold but peaceful, most of the roads we travelled on, especially getting out of Sydney are main roads and usually heavy with traffic at any other time of the day.

It is wonderful to see the sun rising over our bushlands highlighting the rock cliffs dotted through the bush and river valleys. We arrived at Maitland  around 7am to find the market very busy with stall holders setting up.  It only takes me a few minutes to be set up and ready so we headed off around the market for a look.  I had not been to Maitland markets for two months and as I walked around with my husband and two sons the feelings of a lovely old fashioned country market flooded back.  Maitland market is one of my favourite markets and well worth the early morning start.

I have met so many people at markets and we are always bumping into one another from time to time, the first friend to meet was Ben from Nannette Imports walking slowly towards us then Ondre from Kleva Sharpe and it was not long after that I posted on Gametag facebook page when  Stella Rose from Respiro posts back she is also there.  Just like a family reunion.

Maitland Markets July 2012