Monday, 9 July 2012

Mudgee Field days 13th and 14th July

Thursday we, the husband and three of my four children headed off to Mudgee for their Field days comencing 13th and ending 5pm on 14th of July the weather was misty and drizzly. Getting out into the country is so exciting, I just love the drive over the mountains, down Mount Victoria from Sydney and into Lithgow something so relaxing about being a passenger sitting back and watching the country pass by.

Capertee is such a cute town with a beautiful pub and this single chimney just outside town on the Mudgee side.  Our counrty is dotted with the ruins of old houses in most cases the chimney is all that is left standing. I can not help but wonder who lived in the house? what did the house look like?

 Look at this sandstone barn how fantastic would that be converted into a house in the field.

My kids were beside themselves when I yelled to Brett "stop" I need a photo of the post boxes all lined up in the middle of no where!

I was invited to the Mudgee field days by my friend Ondre's who let me on his stand from Kleva Sharp I was very grateful so I set up and waited for the fun to begin.  It is always a "hoot" with him and the other Kleve Sharp guy Nic!  Ondre is a little bit cheeky can you tell!

Facebook is a wonderful tool, I posted my weekend movements only to have Renee Matthews from Matthews Saddlery who I met at a show early this year post back that she will be there too! the fun was mounting fast. I just enjoy getting together with stall holders that I have met along the way it is such a family atmosphere at these events when you meet up with a few friends.

Renee and her prize winning saddle

We arrived in Mudgee and had dinner in the resort we were staying in when my husband struck up a conversation with Chris from Dean Trailers they discovered they had mutual acquaintances in the trucking industry what a small world.  So Friday I went off to inspect Dean Trailors stand for myself and check our his famous trailers.

A great little aussie company making their trailers from aussie steel since 1948 the trailors can be customized to fit any piece of machiney you need on the move and all from their Bowral factory.

When I found Chris he was with one of his very happy customers so if you need a trailor to cart your machine give Chris a call.

Sunday was spent at the Western Sydney Community Indoor Market where again I caught up with an old friend Cheryl from Gifts for your Mum  who makes the most delicious smelling soap I found it very hard not to bite into the bars, right behind me was Leanne from LaLeiBella Sweets N Treats  I had several of her cup cakes but the favourite was definately the lemon meringue cup cake absolutely to die for.....  Have a wonderful week to all.