Saturday, 21 July 2012

Purple Carrots, Beaded Handbags and Karise Eden

Well today, Gametag was at The Entrance Farmers Market, I often say a particular market is my favourite and this market was definately up there.  The market is held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month and is well worth a days outing from Sydney, the venue is Memorial Park on the foreshore.  According to The Entrance Town Centre Management website "Memorial Park is the focal point of all activity in The Entrance and has been ever since the land on the foreshore, where Memorial Park is now located, was donated to the town by the original owner Richard Brown Taylor."

Mum and I drove up this morning leaving Bankstown at 5.30 am we set up and then it was off to inspect the market. So many of the stalls were straight from the farmer or the producer there is something so refreshing and communal about buying your vegetables straight from the farmer my apples where from Rob 0408 635 431 from Towac Valley Orchard huge and beautiful smelling apples. My eggs from Idlewilde Farm beans and strawberrys from the region and freshly baked cheese and chives sourdough Yum and Yum .....  there were other producers there plants, cheeses, olives, olive oils, honey, a potato farmer and lots more.    

Oh! did I mention purple carrots, I can not believe how excited for dinner tonight I am. What do purple carrots taste like?..... The farmer told me that if I peel them my hands will end up purple just like a beetroot stain. So we shall see tonight even the kids are excited about eating purple carrots.

Vegetables straight from the farmer at The Entrance Market check out the purple carrots.

On my rounds came accross Phil from Lin & Phil's Handmade Jewellery & beads Lin has been sick for sometime and started beading as a form of therapy she makes necklaces and earings but for me her little beaded handbags just the perfect size for your ID some money and the keys were absolutely beautiful.  When I first looked at the bags I thought they were a kind of mesh the beading was just so fine.  Lin has won awards at the Newcastle show for her work each piece is definately a work of art.  The faces on her work are so detailed just as if they are painted rather than beaded. I have shown my husband some of the pieces and told him if he loves me, that I would love this under the christmas tree.......

Gorgeous beaded handbag by Lin
Phil with some of Lin's work the white little bag with the face is stunning.
Phil makes his own beads and they too are beautiful.

Phil, Lin and Ben with Karise Eden
Quoted from their facebook page "she liked the blue necklace Mum/Lin has on soo much they gave it to her"

So if you need a present for a person who has everything or who only appreciates the finer things in life then check out Lin's work.