Thursday, 5 July 2012

Goulburn Markets which is part of the Lilac City Festival

Gametag will be off to Goulburn Markets tomorrow morning so come out to the country for the day and visit the market.

Gametag at Goulburn Markets 7th July 2012, A market we will be definately coming back tooooooo!

6pm - Just arrived home and this has to be one of the most enjoyable markets I have been too, a good old fashion counrty markets complete with farmers, homemade jams and cakes, trash N treasure, handmade and knitted items and lots lots more.

Chris and Audry Bird were there with their knitted and woven woollies.  With 300 Merinos, Merino Cross and Corridale sheep on their farm just west of Gunning in NSW.  Specially bread for their colour and length of staple (I guess that means fleece to the rest of us) perfect for spinning. The fleece range in colour from a rare jet black to browns, greys and a light cream.  They both produce all of their garments Chris weaves his scarves in front of you and Audry spins on her spinning wheel.  You can contact them on amaroofarm@y7mailcom or catch them at Goulburn Markets 

Chris with his hand woven scaf

Margarita was there with the most beautiful freshly cut flowers mostly nativies from her farm in Oakdale.  You contact her on her website or catch her at Goulburn Markets

Flowers by Margarita

My last wonderful farmer is from Marulan who I bought farm fresh pumpkins and potatoes that were dug up yesterday.  I can't tell you what a wonderful thrill it is to buy directly from a farmer knowing every dollar is theirs and the quality is unbelieveably fresh.

Potatoes and Pumpkins picked yesterday
 This is just a wonderful friendly market full of locals both as customers and stall holders, it was a long day leaving Bankstown at 6am and driving in the gate home 6pm.  We could have arrived home earlier if we did not stop at the famous Paragon Cafe in the main street for a bite after the market but what do you do! If you can get out to a country market to get your vegies do it, it's a great day out and Goulburn market is a must......

Fresh straight from the farmer picked the day before...

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