Thursday, 11 October 2012

Have you ever wondered where Gametag is manufactured?

Well Gametag is actually manufactured by my family which included my mother, children, brothers, sister-in-laws cousins, aunts and uncles around my mother kitchen table in Bansktown.

When we decided to go ahead with Gametag we wanted to make sure the quality was excellent the last thing we needed was to have a brand new line out in the world and fail the quality test so we personally checked each component and packed them.

You can see below in the photo the little white tags on the table, my children counted out piles of eight then the adults came along and assembled them as seen in another photo then they were packed in the boxes that they are presented in.

The boxes were manufactured by a small company also in Bankstown whose children go to school with mine. I did not have to go far to get help it came from everyone around me and there is no way I could have gotten Gametag off the ground without them all.

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