Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Warning - Gametag has been alerted to fake copies


We have been alerted to fake copies of Gametag, ensure you are purchasing a genuine original Australian Gametag. The fake product has poor quality tags and all purchasers have reported the games falling off within days of being attached.

Our customers are reporting that genuine Gametag tags have been in constant use for over two years and are still holding strong.

The one thing Gametag and I have enjoyed throught this journey has been the support of family, friends and total strangers when I posted the above on my facebook page these were the messages of support.

  • Lina I knew this would happen sooner or later Janene!!! Nothing is safe anymore! and we know who are the ONES who usually make the fakes!!!! Don't worry hun, we'' put the word out!!!
  • Gametag Hopefully people will realise before they lose the game and that they have bought a fake.

  • Takako It's crucial that we use a very good quality product like yours, isn't it? We don't tag $2 games, they cost fortune for us parents. It will end up much cheaper to purchase a genuine one for sure!!!. smile

  • Elisa that's terrible.

  • DaniceThe compliment is great, that an attempt (although a poor one) at copying Gametag exists...but like cheap copies of anything, they don't last and they are inferior's buyer beware...

  • BelindaOur 2 gametags (originals!! ) are still going strong with constant use of 4 very active & not so careful kids. Love the product and totaly recommend it to everyone. (BTW, thats how you know you have a successful product, when others start trying to copy it!)

  • Gametag OMG Thank you so much Belinda that is amazing feedback do you mind if I use it? xx

  • Belinda with pleasure!!

  • Michelle Someone once said "Imitation is the greatest form of Flattery"

  • Tracie bugger hun! sorry 2 read that mine R going great guns babe! I think I am close 2 the 2 year mark Xxxx
  • Gametag Thank you everyone, If you do come across any copies can you take a photo of the packaging (the company who made/suppled it) and the store where it is sold then email it to me

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