Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wagga Wagga Show 27th & 28th September 2012

We arrived at about 7.30pm to set up and then it was off to the Farmers Home Hotel  to meet up with other stall holders it was scotch fillet for $13 and it was beautiful.

Gametag at the Wagga Wagga Show in the Kyeamba Smith Hall

We were in the Kyeamba Smith Hall along with nine other stalls including my old friends Ben from Nannette Imports from lollies to water crystals and Gametag in the middle. The hall hosted local talent schools show casing their dance troupes really very community orientated.  People spent the whole day there as we they visited the hall many times for the shows and stalls.

Marty from Careflight was just outside our door with their cute teddy bears raising money for Careflight a great charity if you need their services you know you are in goods hands, the hands of a doctor while you are being transported. They could do with your support if you see Marty out and about check out their bears.

A Diamond Python from Crocodile Encounters thank you Mark

A two and a half year old Crocodile called Crunch. The staff at Crocodlie Encounters were such great sports so were the animals.
The people from Crocodile Encounters  had their stand just opposite Careflight with their snakes and crocodiles.  I have to say the staff were fantastic with the audience and the animals allowing us to have an extremely hands on reptile experience.  I was thrilled when I was allowed to "wear" their Diamond Python at one stage the Python wrapped his tail around my hand and I could feel him tightening but Mark was right there to take him back.

The highlight was holding Crunch his body is so soft just the opposite to his looks the pads of his feet were like those of a baby so soft.  Crunch was so well behaved he just sat there while we patted him,  touched his feet and moved his tail.  I could not believe my ears when Mark said I could hold him he really was beautiful.

Crunch wearing an underwater pouch from Nannette Imports, so he can listen to music without distroying his phone and all underwater.

Crunch up close and personal with Gametag, he gets a little agro when he loses a game but not anymore with Gametag! Look at his cute little smile knowing his games are safe and sound!

Crunch just loved hanging out with Gametag!

The show was lovely and again we caught up with old friends and new friends were made.