Thursday, 4 October 2012

October Long Weekend on the way to Wagga Wagga

We left Sydney 11am Wednesday 26th heading to the Wagga Wagga Show. Not long after leaving the city behind on the freeway an heading south we were already in break mode, looking out the window at our beautiful country side, it was so green. We stopped at my parents favourite and a very famous cafe in Goulburn the Paragon Cafe. 

We stopped off at the Dog on the Tucker Box just outside Gundagai for a quick photo at a place I know well, as a child I often spent my holidays at a little down just further on from Gundagai called Adelong.

Gametag at the Dog on the Tucker Box

An old abandoned house just near the turn off to Adelong.  Love the houses so many questions pop into my head

So So So excited here at the Adelong turn off, where my childhood started to dance across my path for the day

Who's house?

How many children?

Do decendants still leave near by?

I cannot tell you what it was like heading along the road to town, passing so many familiar sites and ruins of houses.   I always wonder who lived there? How many children did they have? Did they prosper? Do descendants still live near there?

We took the kids to Adelong falls where I spent many hours climbing on and over the rocks to swim in the pools dotted along the creek.  I watched as my own children do the same as I had done some thirty years ago and the pleasure was just as amazing for them and me.

Adelong Falls with ruins of the Gold Mining days

Adelong Falls
A house where I spent time as a child Aunty Aud's

The farm where I spent most of my time in Adelong, running wild all over those slopes and camping out.

The only part of the original house still standing
We would walk from the gate to the farm all the way into town, when I told my children they could not believe we would just walk into town.  The few hours spent in Adelong made me feel like my childhood was dancing across my path.  Such a beautiful day full of wonderful childhood memories.  The farm is now owned by other people who allowed us onto it to take a photo of the only part left of the old house.  The orginal house falling down when I was a kid.

The light is fading in this last photo as it is late in the afternoon and we are suposed to be in Wagga right at that time, setting up for the show so I rolled up my memories and stowed them away very carefully with a promise to come back and not leave it so long.  Thirty years is too long.